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Winter Weddings – How To Transform Your Postponed Summer Wedding

Winter weddings can be just as magical as those held in the Summer! Having created hundreds of extraordinary weddings in all seasons over three decades, we know a thing or two about how it’s done…

So, pour yourself a large glass of wine or a warming cup of tea and have a look through our checklist for transforming your postponed Summer celebration into the most glorious of Winter weddings.

Stay positive
Our hearts go out to all the wonderful couples who have had to delay their weddings due to the Coronavirus crisis. We know how heartbreaking it will have been to see your plans fall apart in the blink of an eye.

However, there is no reason not to stay positive as there is much that can be done from home during ‘lockdown’. A different season brings not only new challenges, but added opportunities to explore a new slant on your designs. Additionally, you have more time to enjoy your engagement and to add more details to your wedding plans if you wish to do so.

Make a start
It is likely that the majority of your plans can be transferred without too much difficulty. If you haven’t done so already, check in with your venue to chat through alternative dates, and discuss how flexible they are prepared to be on their terms and conditions.

It is also worth asking about potential locations for photography – given that you may not be able to have your photos taken outside.

For those planning marquee weddings, it may still be possible to go ahead in the cooler months – your marquee company will be able to advise on this – and other practicalities you will need to consider, such as heating and wet weather contingencies.

Blue Strawberry Table Talk Winter Weddings

Gorgeous candlelit Winter wedding in a marquee

Styling & colours
Summer weddings often feature pastels and lighter colour palettes – you may consider deepening the hues from pinks and peaches to warmer reds and orange tones.

Adding candles to your setting will create a warm welcoming ambience. It also enables you to introduce wonderful aromas into the space with scented candles.

Colour scheme choices are key to your flower arrangements and so you will need to discuss alternative options with your florist. Check out our blog article featuring valuable insight from expert wedding florists Pinstripes and Peonies for more details…

Food & drink
Your caterer will be able to advise on the best way to adapt your Spring/Summer menu for Autumn or Winter weddings. You might consider a fun cocktail or hot toddy to welcome guests to the reception alongside warm canapés such as Scallop and bacon, sherry caramel and borlotti bean, Mushroom Royale, chargrilled tender stem purée or Short-rib beef katsu puff, leek mayonnaise.

Blue Strawberry Table Talk Winter Weddings

The Chocolate Bar – 72% Valrhona chocolate curd, black cherry pate de fruit, dulce chocolate aero, olive oil mandarin biscuit, gold smoked salt, Kirsh and amarena cherry ganache with chocolate and black cherry ice cream

For the wedding breakfast, you could opt for a hot starter such as Cured venison and molasses, blackcurrant ketchup, watercress pannacotta, toasted hazelnuts; a more hearty main course such as Roast cannon of lamb, sweet and sour red cabbage, chickpea and apricot panise, smoked buttermilk; and a more indulgent Winter dessert such as The Chocolate Bar (pictured above).

Decadent late night snacks are likely to be even more welcome in cooler climes, which could be paired with a more punchy hard-liquor based cocktail.

It may be worth pushing the timings back a little for Winter weddings, given that your reception is likely to be held inside. Providing some blankets/wraps for guests who may feel the cold as the evening continues is a lovely touch. It may also be prudent to ensure there are some spare umbrellas available in case of rain.

How are your guests travelling between venues? You may wish to provide transport for them as the weather will be cooler/wetter – for London weddings, a traditional Routemaster bus is a fun way to keep everyone together.

Blue Strawberry Table Talk Winter Weddings

Winter wedding bouquets by Pinstripes & Peonies

Connecting with loved ones
Ask your stationer to create an updated invitation/save the date for your guests (or do so yourself if you are a creative type!) – which could be sent by email or post. Perhaps you could plan for guests to receive the new invitation on the original date?

Inevitably, you are likely to feel a pang of sadness on the date of your original wedding. Remember that celebrating with your loved ones is a central part of any wedding – arrange a video call on the day in question and raise a toast to them instead!

We can help
Our team of wedding experts would be very happy to chat through your plans and share their insight for  your dream Winter wedding – contact us on 020 7733 3151 or at

Photography credits
Header photo – By Lumiere at Kensington Palace
Winter wedding marquee photo – Sanshine Photography
Autumn/Winter dessert – William Reavell